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Zeiss 15X60 versus Fujinon 16X70

Started by Kevin Barker, 03/18/2003 02:45PM
Posted 03/18/2003 02:45PM Opening Post
I read with interest the claim that the Zeiss 15x is brighter than the Fuji binoculars.

This really surprises me considering the high levels of transmission for Fuji's fabled EMC coatings of over 95%.

Simple physics would suggest the 16X should be brighter.
The exit pupil is slightly larger and also the Adler index and twilight factor is also higher.

I own the 10x70 FMTSX. They are really well coated certainly better than my Zeiss Classic 10X40T*P's.

I am considering buying the 16X70's for the extra magnification.

Is it extra contrast because of exotic glass used in the Zeiss. Does excess chromatic aberration in the 16X70's play a part?? or is it possible the extra brightness claim is conjecture not supported by reality????

Surely the 16x70 will show a faint extended object as brighter and also show fainter stars??

Your thoughts??

I know Zeiss gear is great I own 5 Zeiss refractors/objectives and 3 zeiss binoculars but heh physics is physics!!!!

Kevin B

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Posted 03/18/2003 04:16PM #1
Hi Kev.

How about a more "strict" side-by-side comparison? --both pairs of binoculars: one eye using one of the Zeiss barrels, the other eye using one of the Fuji barrels. Barrel alignment would be essential, of course (and perhaps quite tricky, given their structure/bulk), but simple back-and-forth eye blinking should do the trick. If the comparison yields uncertainty, switch the barrels/eyes. If still in doubt, call it a draw.

Of course, I'd be happy enough to simply have the opportunity to take those big boys for a drive. :-)

Best wishes.

By the way -- the Denver region is currently being pummeled by a blizzard. My neighborhood is buried under ~20cm of dense, "wet" snow, and yet another ~20-25cm may accumulate over the next 24-36 hours. It's windy, too, so the snow is drifting in many open/exposed locales. Folks in some areas are seeing (or will see) even more snowfall.
Not quite the same down under, eh? ;^)