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Zeiss Stuff for Sale

Started by apmtelescopes, 04/25/2002 05:48AM
Posted 04/25/2002 05:48AM Opening Post
Don't have it yet, but can get it for you, if anybody is interested

Have the chance at moment to buy follow Items and sell to interested parties, please hurry with orders before they sells elsewhere

1 pc complete Telescope Telementor , optical tube with moving lens focusing, covers, extension, T-Mount (no motor), 2-VS woodtripod, original packing, used but good condition US $ 990 plus shipping

1pc Telescope Zeiss Semiapo AS 100F/1000 , like new, never used, optical tube with black dew cap (last tuberun from Zeiss), used as showroom display modell only, Zeiss I-B Mount with Motor 220V/50Hz, 3-VS Woodtripod, original wood transportingbox for tube ( very last made unit), extension, eyepieceadapter and caps US $ 5,800 plus shipping

2 pc Telescopes optical tube only Telementor 63/840, used but good condition, each US $ 550 plus shipping

1 pc Zeiss T-mount ( no motor), used , good condition US $ 490 plus shipping

1 pc Pentax 75/500 SDHF, optical tube, tubering, seldom used, like new, very good optical quality, US $ 990 plus shipping

1 pc Zeiss M44 Stardiagonalprism in woodbox US $ 350 plus shipping
1 pc Zeiss eyepiece H-25 mm, used US $ 55 plus shipping
1 pc Zeiss eyepiece H-16 mm, used US $ 55 plus shipping
1 pc Zeiss eyepiece Ortho 16 mm 0.965" used US $ 99 plus shipping
1 pc Zeiss Ocularturret with errect image prism US $ 390 plus shipping
1 pc Zeiss Woodbox for Zeiss Telescope 100/1000, good condition US $ 430 plus shipping
1 pc Zeiss woodbox for AS 80/1200 lens US $ 60 plus shipping
1 pc Zeiss Solarcamera for 6 x7 format in woodbox, like new US $ 1,790 plus shipping

APM Markus Ludes

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Markus Ludes
Posted 02/18/2003 04:49PM #1
Do you still have any of the Telementor 63/840 OTA's left?