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Jupiter_Red Spot image

Jupiter_Red Spot

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Jupiter imaged from Scottsdale AZ, June 2006. OTA: Takahashi FS152/NJP mount. CCD Camera: SBIG ST-10XE with CFW-8A filter wheel. Image capture = f/27, image scale = 0.34 arc-sec/pixel at prime focus with 18 mm projection lens. RGB (10:10:20) ms, 1x1 bin, best 4 /100 frames. Image frames stacked and processed using Photoshop CS2. The short exposure time minimizes the effects of atmospheric turbulence. Best 4 images for each color were selected from 100 frames within the shortest overall time difference between first and last frames to reduce the smearing effect of planet rotation. Selection was based on the CCDOP sharpness rating. Download times were in the range of 1-2 Sec or less to allow 100 frames for each color in less than 10 min cumulative time. Excellent drift alignment permitted a field size slightly larger than the planetary image. Measured image resolution for the final RGB is ~ 0.76 Arc-sec which is the theoretical limit for a 6 inch refractor.