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The Iris Nebula

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Active Sun image

Active Sun

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Contains: Solar system body or event
Acquisition Details
  • Number of frames:   1037
  • FPS:   30
  • Focal length:   400

Not as stunning as the huge prominence I imaged on 6-February but this one on 12-February has several prominences, spots and what seems to be a long filament. Although close inspection indicates the filament is a series of connected sunspot groups. I’ll leave that to the solar experts. As before this is a 30-second video captured via SharpCap where the red channel is set very low to adjust the typical deep red H-Alpha from the Coronado Solarmax II 40mm double stack scope to a more normal solar hue. The video was processed via PIPP, Autostakkert, Registax 6, and finally minor hue adjustment in Digital Photo Professional. These acquisition and processing parameters provides the red corona and yellow disk all from one video at one exposure setting.