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The Iris Nebula

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Trapezium Region image

Trapezium Region

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Contains: Deep sky object
Acquisition Details
  • Number of frames:   634
  • FPS:   30
  • Focal length:   1586

Trapezium in M42, imaged from my open garage at 50-deg F to a clear 10-deg F sky. Starmaster hybrid truss Dob with 14.5” f4.3 Zambuto through Antares 1/20 wave secondary direct to ZWO ASI294MC pro camera. Rigel and Sirius were in view allowing for a reasonable 2-star alignment for sky commander tracking. SharpCap 4.0 acquired 30-seconds of video, processed in Autostakkert to stack best frames followed by adjustment in Digital Photo Professional. I wanted to do this at 4x the focal length through my Siebert binoviewer with 2x OCA but an incoming front made the sky conditions unfavorable for the extra magnification. One of these days I will test this mirror to its limits but that will have to wait for more favorable temperatures and sky conditions. Even with these conditions I was able to see the main 6 stars with decent color.