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The Iris Nebula

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Galaxy Compilation at Scale image

Galaxy Compilation at Scale

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Contains: Deep sky object
Acquisition Details
  • Number of frames:
  • FPS:
  • Focal length:   1586

Acquired at major Midwest city club dark sky location under Bortle 4 skies September 2020 and 2021. Starmaster hybrid truss Dob with Zambuto 14.5” f4.3 primary to Antares 1/20 wave secondary direct to ZWO ASI294MC pro camera. Generally 5-second exposures per frame spanning 5-20 minutes total time for each object using SharpCap livestack. Processed using R6, DPP and compiled with paint into the composite image. On the left is Andromeda at 2.5 million ly distance. Second from left is m33 at about 2.7 mly, To the right of m33 is the Fireworks Galaxy NGC 6946 at 22 mly. On the far upper right is Stephan’s Quintet at about 290 mly. Finally the lower right is Abell 2218 cluster at distances greater than 2 billion ly, including just detectable lensing streaks of even more distant galaxies.