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Orion Nebula

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The Iris and Ghost nebulae image

The Iris and Ghost nebulae

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Contains: Deep sky object
Acquisition Details
  • Number of frames:   13
  • FPS:
  • Focal length:

On 10/22/22 I imaged this nebula and the Ghost nebula in the same field of view of my Takahashi FSQ-130ED. I used a Canon Ra imaging camera. The entire field of view of the image was 3.2 x 2.1 degrees. I took 13 light frames at ISO 800 for 5 minutes each before the clouds rolled in. I took dark frames, and these did help with the noise and also, I had a BIAS library of frames I used. I did take flat frames but made a blunder and used an ISO of 1600 and so these were worthless. Anyway, I stacked the lights, darks and bias frames in Deep Sky Stacker and processed the stacked image in Photoshop. I used a 50mm guide scope with a 200mm focal length and a ZWO guide camera. The main scope has a native focal length of 650mm. I used PHD2 for guiding and APT software for the imaging camera tasks and framing acquisition (plate solving). No filters were used during this session. The imaging session was done from my back porch in Illinois.