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Evan Miller

Sun in H-alpha July 10, 2022

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Jupiter and Io 28 August 2021 image

Jupiter and Io 28 August 2021

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Contains: Solar system body or event
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Jupiter and Io imaged 28 August 2021. Starmaster hybrid truss scope with 14.5" f4.3 Zambuto primary to 1/20-wave Antares secondary through Siebert 45mm Binoviewer. ZWO ASI294 MC Pro camera on one side of binoviewer and eyepiece on other side. Best of several 30-sec SER videos captured in SharpCap. Processed 30% best frames in Autostakkert and Registax 6. Atmospheric color corrected in Digital Photo Professional. Essentially the same as for Saturn image acquired same night. Seeing was exceptionally good that night.