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IC 348 image Contains: Deep sky object
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IC 348 is a star-forming region in the constellation Perseus, located about 1028 LY from the Sun. It consists of nebulosity and an associated 2-million-year-old cluster of roughly 400 stars within an angular diameter of 20″. Imaged from the Negev desert Israel on 24.09.2022 & 26.01.2023, two nights imaging sessions. Image details: This is an LRGB-Ha image. Total integration time from 2 nights, 10h. L= 46x180s R=27X300s G=27x300s B=27x300s Ha=6x600s Cooling= -10*c on sensor, bin1, Gain0 Bias-100, Flat- 30 (each filter), no Dark. This is a full frame 6252x4176 res. Equipment: FSQ85EDX f/5.3, QHY268M, IEQ45Pro, Astrodon filters, SX FW&OAG&Lodestar. Software: Voyager, PHD2, PI, PS