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All Aboard on Flight from Jupiter to Venus image

All Aboard on Flight from Jupiter to Venus

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March 1st these two planets will only be about 1-deg separation visually, but forecast is for clouds, so I thought I'd give it a try on Feb 26th where they are about 5-deg visual separation. As luck would have it, my viewing location was right on a flight path, so I decided to use that in my imaging, capturing the plane while visually between Jupiter and Venus. Canon T3i iso1600 using 75-300mm zoom lens at 300mm. Careful focusing and exposure timing between 1/10-sec to 1/50-sec allowed me to capture Jupiter's moons as well. Jupiter is at upper left, with Europa above the planet, then Io very close to the lower edge, then dimly Callisto, then easy to see Ganymede at the bottom. At this exposure and iso the motion of the plane is present in the image. I tried some shots at 3200 and 6400iso at shorter time to get a shot of everything without any motion of the plane, but then Jupiter's moons were less obvious, so I went with this one. All aboard!