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Celestron introduces new line

01/28/2005 12:00AM

Celestron introduces new line

The engineers have been hard at work on the new CPC Series and it appears they've been tweaking the price tags some, too...


  • lutton.7 [Anthony Lutton]
  • 01/28/2005 08:40AM
Same thing I was wondering J.D. Seems like they got caught with their pants down on the Meade announcment and now this is a hurried response.

  • szaki [Julius Szakacs]
  • 01/28/2005 11:00AM
They should improve the focuser, no mirror flop, more polishing and figuring of the optics for higher wave etc...<br>Last 25 years they still selling these SCT-s with mirror flop.<br>Seems GPS is more important.<br>JS<br>

I like Celestrons, but it would have been nice if this upgrade had included a microfocuser and/or mirror lock, which the GPS Meades already have.<br><br>Clear skies,<br><br>John

I too am somewhat surprised that it doesn't have a electric micro focuser and mirror lock. Nevertheless it looks to be a handy package presumably with improved GPS and drive mechanics at an attractive price...<br><br>Ed Crandall

who said this was a response to meade??<br>