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Comet Macholz Still Visible to Naked Eye!

01/10/2005 08:08PM

Comet Macholz Still Visible to Naked Eye!
This bright comet is still visible after dark every evening. It sits almost straight over head around 9-10pm.

Any small telescope or even binoculars will give you a fine view, so get out there and have a look at this beautiful green snowball.

Comet Macholz can be found half way between M45 Pleiades Cluster & Bright Star Beta Persei or Algol!

Clouded out tonight? Then try another night as it is heading towards the bright star Algol over the next few days.

Image details... Comet Macholz c/2004 Q2
3 minute exposure on that EQ1 mini tracking mount! Canon 10D DSLR, ISO 400, 70mm lens from Dayton, Ohio.

Best Regards,
John Chumack
The Chumack Observatories
MPC #838 Dayton Research Station