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Is It Time to Discard the Whole Dark Energy Contrivance?

04/22/2017 07:18PM

Is It Time to Discard the Whole Dark Energy Contrivance?

So what is Dark Energy? Well, the simple answer is that we don't know. It seems to contradict much of our understanding about the way we think the Universe works. The strangeness of Dark Energy is perplexing. It shows us that there is a gap in our knowledge that needs to be filled. But what if there is an alternative explanation for this enigmatic Dark Energy? What if it does not exist at all? That is what a Hungarian-American team of researchers is starting to conclude. They believe that they can explain the observed acceleration of the Universe without the need for Dark Energy. If their findings are upheld, it could have a significant impact on the direction of future research in physics.


A whole bunch of really brilliant people already know... and they should know I will never give up. What if everything we thought we knew about our universe was backwards? Suppose stars were powered by the energy of space itself... The timeless energy of space as it is apparent to observers in our dimension of Time Space.