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Kiss the Sky Tonight -- Month of November 2017

11/01/2017 07:00PM

Kiss the Sky Tonight -- Month of November 2017
Welcome to the night sky report for November 2017 -- Your guide to the constellations, deep sky objects, planets, and celestial events that are observable during the month. The night sky is truly a celestial showcase, so get outside and explore its wonders from your own backyard. In the now famous words of James Marshall Hendrix (apparently a fellow admirer of the heavens), "Excuse me while I kiss the sky."

Evening Planets

After sunset, look for Saturn low in the southwestern sky. Use a telescope to view the ringed planet before it slips below the horizon.

Constellations and Deep Sky Objects

Some fish, a ram, and a triangle can all be found in the November night sky.

Pisces, in ancient mythology, are twin fish tied together. They represent two Greek gods fleeing fire. Look for the circlets of stars high in the southern sky.

Just to the east of Pisces lies Aries, the golden ram of the Greek gods. It is a dim constellation. Pisces and Aries are in the zodiac, the band of sky through which the Sun appears to travel.

Triangulum, a simple geometric constellation, has been identified since ancient times. Look for it next to the Ram and the Fish. The lovely Triangulum Galaxy resides here. It belongs to the same cluster of galaxies that includes our own Milky Way. Also known as M33, the galaxy is about 3 million light-years distant. It can be seen in a dark sky with a small telescope.

Morning Planets

Reddish Mars appears in the eastern sky before dawn. A telescope might reveal some bright and dark features on the planet.

If you have a clear view of the eastern horizon just before sunrise, you might be able to spot Venus or Jupiter -- perhaps both during mid-month.

Jupiter becomes easier to find as it rises higher in the sky in late November.

Celestial Events

November boasts the Leonid meteor shower. This shower is the result of Earth's annual passage through the dust trails left by Comet Tempel-Tuttle, which returns to the inner solar system every 33 years. Look for meteors in the evening of November 17th and early morning of November 18th.

The following Deep Sky Objects are found in constellations that peak during the month. Some can be viewed with a small telescope, but the majority will require a moderate to large telescope. The following is adapted from my personal viewing list: "The Guy Pirro 777 Best and Brightest Deep Sky Objects."

Constellation: Aries

NGC 772 Galaxy Herschel 400 H112-1
- NGC 770 Galaxy (Paired with H112-1)
NGC 821 Galaxy P234

Constellation: Cetus

IC 1613 Galaxy C51
NGC 157 Galaxy Herschel 400 H3-2
NGC 246 Planetary Nebula C56, Herschel 400 H25-5
NGC 247 Galaxy C62, Herschel 400 H20-5
NGC 584 Galaxy Herschel 400 H100-1
NGC 596 Galaxy Herschel 400 H4-2
NGC 615 Galaxy Herschel 400 H282-8
NGC 720 Galaxy Herschel 400 H105-1
NGC 779 Galaxy Herschel 400 H101-1
NGC 908 Galaxy Herschel 400 H153-1
NGC 936 Galaxy Herschel 400 H23-4
- NGC 941 Galaxy (Paired with H23-4)
NGC 1022 Galaxy Herschel 400 H102-1
NGC 1042 Galaxy P221
NGC 1052 Galaxy Herschel 400 H63-1
NGC 1055 Galaxy Herschel 400 H1-1
NGC 1068 Galaxy M77 - Cetus A Seyfert Galaxy

Constellation: Fornax

NGC 1097 Galaxy C67
NGC 1201 Galaxy P153
NGC 1316 Galaxy P30 - Fornax A Galaxy
NGC 1326 Galaxy P154
NGC 1340 Galaxy P83
NGC 1350 Galaxy P155
NGC 1360 Planetary Nebula P84
NGC 1365 Galaxy P51
NGC 1380 Galaxy P85
NGC 1399 Galaxy P32
NGC 1398 Galaxy P33
NGC 1404 Galaxy P86

Constellation: Pisces

NGC 488 Galaxy Herschel 400 H252-3
NGC 524 Galaxy Herschel 400 H151-1
NGC 628 Galaxy M74
NGC 676 Galaxy P175

Constellation: Triangulum

NGC 598 Galaxy M33, Herschel 400 H17-5 Triangulum Galaxy
NGC 925 Galaxy P66

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