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Near Earth Asteroid 4179 Toutatis

09/22/2004 05:58AM

Near Earth Asteroid 4179 Toutatis

Potentially Hazardous Asteroid Toutatis misses the Earth.


  • mmc1905 [Michael Collins]
  • 09/22/2004 05:20PM
Nice work John. I am interested in the technique you used.<br>What program did you use to stack the images?<br>Mike Collins<br>
Hi Mike,<br><br>I used CCDsoft by Software Bisque to do the auto align folder, for aligning all 21 images, then chose the combine(average)tool. <br><br>I did have to go through and remove some hot pixels and cosmic ray strikes manually in Adobe PS first, which appeared on some of the images during the exposures over the 1.6 hour time frame.<br><br>The Full frame Movie is pretty cool too!, But have not put it up on my website yet as the file size is 2.8 megabytes. Not practical for most. <br><br> I will try to do and assembly as an animated gif in Adobe Image Ready to see if I can get it smaller.<br><br>Best Regards,<br>John Chumack<br>

  • santiago [Mario Santiago]
  • 09/24/2004 02:19AM
Hi John. Interesting work. I've made an animation too (August 26). You can see it in<br><br>Best regards<br>Mario Santiago<br><br>