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Pontentially Hazardous Asteroid for Christmas

12/22/2004 04:09PM

Pontentially Hazardous Asteroid for Christmas
Here is the Near Earth Asteroid 2004 VW14 as it passes close by this week, actually within 5 Lunar Distances, just over a million miles.

I took this 10 image composite & Movie on DEC 20, 2004 from 06:10:57 UT to 07:13:20 UT

The NEO 2004 VW14 appears to have a slight wobble or rotation affect, which is visible in these images.

Captured from Mount Joy, New Mexico Skies Rent-A-Scope with a 30cm Takahashi Mewlon & FLI Dream Machine 1024x1024 site CCD, the 10 image composite consists of ten 1 minute images separated by 5 minutes each over a 62 minute period.

In the original, the crowded star field made it difficult to identify the magnitude 13 asteroid. In the image presented here, the iterations of NEO 2004 VW14 have been false-colored in red by the editor to highlight their positions as we are limited to static .jpg images here in the news area. In the original movie it is easily visible as a moving object.

Best Regards,
John Chumack
The Chumack Observatories
MPC #838 Dayton Research Station