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President Trump In Office for a Month -- Pluto May Be Reinstated as a Planet

02/24/2017 01:59PM

President Trump In Office for a Month -- Pluto May Be Reinstated as a Planet

First of all, I must apologize for the deliberately provocative and over-hyped title for this News Item. I got all wrapped-up in the sensationalism surrounding any mention of our new President Trump and I just couldn't resist. FACT #1 - President Trump has been in office for about a month. FACT #2 - Some scientists (including some prominent NASA scientists) are proposing a new definition for "Planet" that would reinstate Pluto as a planet. What I deliberately left out of the title is FACT #3 - The two statements are totally unrelated to each other. But face it -- You are reading this because you fell for a cheap trick referred to as a "Post-Hoc Fallacy," where you as a reader infer a cause and effect for two facts simply because they occurred about the same time and are presented together. But enough of this -- Back to the News Item. If this new definition is accepted by the IAU, then Pluto may once again be a planet.


  • mattyfatz [Matt Affenita]
  • 02/24/2017 08:01PM
<img class='' src='' alt='wink' title='wink'/> See... you fell for it again...

Years ago, I watched the 2001 TSE from the Zambezi valley, north of Harare, Zimbabwe. Imagine my surprise to learn - from the television service no less - that Mr Mugabe & friends had decided to host a second eclipse in 2002. <img class='' src='' alt='grin' title='grin'/><br><br>Seriously - it's a true story.

Pluto is such an active and interesting body that I feel it deserves dual citizenship as a planet and a Kuiper Belt object. We can always deport it if it misbehaves.

It was with shock and dismay that I (and I can only assume Clyde) saw Pluto get his stripes ripped off by panties-in-a-bunch, Professional Astronomers. Then, up close and personal, Pluto shows his true colors and gives the Community a delightful wedgie. He should get reinstated, promoted, and back-pay. Tom