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Radio Astronomers Reveal New Clues About the "Great Attractor"

02/10/2016 09:18PM

Radio Astronomers Reveal New Clues About the "Great Attractor"

The Milky Way is moving toward the constellation Centaurus at a velocity of two million kilometers per hour. The motion appears to be due to the gravitational pull of a large, but unobservable, concentration of matter dubbed the "Great Attractor," a supercluster (or group of galaxy clusters) estimated to contain mass equivalent to more than a Million Billion Suns. Until now, efforts to find the Great Attractor have been hampered by its location in an area behind the plane of the Milky Way where gas and dust within our galaxy block much of the visible light. Now, utilizing new techniques available to Radio Astronomers, a multitude of hidden galaxies have been studied for the first time, shedding light on this mysterious gravitational anomaly dubbed the Great Attractor.


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