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Review of a Well Known Dob Makes the Hit List...

10/12/2004 12:00AM

Review of a Well Known Dob Makes the Hit List...

Orion's 10" SkyQuest dobsonian mounted scope caught this reviewer's fancy and he shared his hits and misses on this scope in this week's winning review...


  • flyfish [Roy Ramdeen]
  • 10/13/2004 12:12AM
<img class='' src='' alt='grin' title='grin'/> A few comments on Orion XT10's. I own the original black XT10, and is very impressed with this inexpensive scope. It's not a hand ground zambuto mirror, but its consistant. All the other resellers like Hardin, Skywatcher, SkyMentor etc...etc... don't come close, I guess its Orion's commitment to quality control,I hope they keep it up as they are selling more of these scopes. I know they check most of these scopes when they come from China. The original black as well as the intelliscope have basically the same optics, if you don't need the useless pointing device, get the original XT10. The weakest part of this scope is the crappy chinese focuser, at this time no one seems to make an after market focuser that will replace the existing. I don't know if Hardin's new crayford will fit, there's alot of folks buying this great scope so get with the program JMI, and stop trying to upgrade folks to your expensive DX model. I suggest making a curved backing plate for the RCF1, and also it would be nice to have the focusing wheels horizontally instead of vertically, your designer must of been asleep when he designed this one, who ever uses one focus wheel for precise focusing. For panoptic and Nagler fans you will have to move the mirror back so that your 35 pan will focus with out an extension tube, beacuse of the short focal length (4.7) you will need about a 1" extension for your favorite 26 through 4.8's Naglers.
  • drewclan [Jay Drew]
  • 10/13/2004 10:45AM
Max, great review of this interesting and affordable instrument. If you get a chance, please give us a write up on the Digital Setting Circles. Thank you very much, Jay in CT