Sagittarius A*: Center of the Spin Zone

07/10/2004 07:00AM

Sagittarius A*: Center of the Spin Zone

The National Radio Astronomy Observatory pulls back the curtain on the very center of our galaxy and helps put the right spin on just how fast we're spinning...


  • frogs [john moore]
  • 07/10/2004 06:54PM
exquise me, i like what i read, but left hungry. john
  • filmdos [Paul Walsh]
  • 07/10/2004 11:28PM
For more on this field of astronomy, try:<br><br>-Paul

  • fgh41 [Fred Howell]
  • 07/14/2004 05:51PM
Paul, at the risk of showing my what catalogue is A-star listed? i.e. how do I find the area in the night sky? Or, should I be looking toward the quasars - if so where are their coordinates listed?<br><br>Thanks, I appreciate your help.<br><br>Fred
  • filmdos [Paul Walsh]
  • 07/14/2004 08:42PM
Not sure it's in any catalog but one reputable source (the Chandra site) gives the coordinates for Sgr A* as:<br><br>RA 17h 45m 40s | Dec -29ยบ 00' 28" which The Sky gives as 3 minutes and 29 seconds due East of 10th Magnitude GSC 6840:552. The nearest halfway bright star is SAO 185755 which lies a little over a degree to the N of it.<br><br>-Paul S. Walsh