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Sun's Core is Spinning Four Times Faster Than its Surface

08/02/2017 11:40AM

Sun's Core is Spinning Four Times Faster Than its Surface

The Sun's core spins nearly four times faster than the Sun's surface according to new findings by an international team of astronomers. Scientists had originally assumed that the Sun was spinning like a merry-go-round with the core rotating at about the same speed as the surface. The researchers studied surface acoustic waves in the Sun's atmosphere, some of which penetrate to the Sun's core, where they interact with gravity waves that have a sloshing motion similar to how water would move in a half-filled tanker truck driving on a curvy mountain road. After the Sun formed, the Solar wind likely slowed the rotation of the outer part of the Sun. It is hoped that eventually, a better understanding of the rotation of the Solar core may give a clue to how the Sun formed.


  • Skyler338 [Steve Rippstein]
  • 08/03/2017 08:07AM
How do you spell, B O L O G N A?<br><br>I hope they're not spending our tax money on this bs research.<br><br>Ever try to spin the middle of a bowl of water faster than the edges? How long does it take for the sides to end up spinning as fast as the center? These so called scientists want us to believe the universal laws of physics (friction) are suspended on the sun?<br><br>Have to wonder if they turned off their machine then turned it back on and tried this "experiment" again.<br><br>What a bunch of clowns. Thanks for the laugh, guys.
  • ks1u [George Blahun]
  • 08/04/2017 06:46PM
I wouldn't call studying the sun for 40 years, a "so called scientist". Hey, maybe you and your bowl of water have a theory as to why stars are not flung out into deep space at the edges of rotating galaxies.