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The Milky Way Galaxy Once Died… But Then Came Back to Life

Posted by Guy Pirro 08/26/2018 03:18PM

The Milky Way Galaxy Once Died… But Then Came Back to Life

The Milky Way Galaxy has experienced a much more dramatic history than originally thought. It appears that our galaxy died once before and we are now in what can be considered its second life, according to Masafumi Noguchi of Tohoku University in Japan. His research shows that stars in our galaxy formed over a 10 billion year period in two different epochs through very different mechanisms, with a long dormant period of 5 billion years in between. During that time, star formation ceased and the galaxy was essentially void of stellar life. The history of our galaxy is inscribed in the elemental composition of its stars… And there are two groups of stars in the solar neighborhood with very different compositions. One group (the first generation) is rich in alpha elements such as oxygen, magnesium, and silicon. The second generation contains a lot of iron. Our Sun is a second generation star.


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