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Venus Blocks the Sun

06/09/2004 07:00AM

Venus Blocks the Sun
You can Google "Venus Transit" and visit newspaper headlines around the world trumpeting the story of the Venus Transit of 2004. It's staggering to imagine how many people observed this astronomical event.

Crowds gathered everywhere: Beirut, Florence, London, Arkansas. What's more, they took pictures by the 1000's.

If you haven't yet, check out the amazing venus transit images posted by the contributing members in AstroMart's own CCD Imaging and Processing Forum.

The news feeds are all jammed with images but the image gallery that tickled me most was one borne of the imagination of children and collected by the European Southern Observatory. The image leading this article is from there and the site is worth a visit to see how children around the world view this event. It is a perspective not to be missed.

For more pictures like this, visit for a full gallery of magnificent venus transit artwork by children.