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Words of Wisdom -- My Favorite Quotable Quotes

Posted by Guy Pirro 07/05/2020 01:53AM

Words of Wisdom -- My Favorite Quotable Quotes

“Your smartphone has already replaced your camera, your TV, your radio, your wristwatch, your calendar, your GPS, your credit cards, your newspaper, your magazines, and your local library... Maybe you should lift up your head, look away from the screen, and engage your family and friends in some face-to-face conversation -- Before your smartphone replaces them too.” - Guy J. Pirro


Thank you Mr. Pirro for a marvelous roundup of some of the world's wisdom.
A list applicable to the entire spectrum of the human race.
Gary C.

Thanks Gary for the kind words.

I'm glad you enjoyed these words of wisdom.

Hopefully you'll also enjoy next week's posting (essentially part two to this one), which will be entitled "Words of Wisdom -- My Favorite Proverbs from Around the World."

That one will include timeless wisdom from nations and cultures throughout the globe.


Guy Pirro
  • Patrick k [Patrick Kernan]
  • 07/14/2020 04:17PM
Thank you