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More About Brandons

Posted by Rick McDaniel   03/20/2010 06:09PM

More About Brandons
More accolades for Don Yeier. I too called Vernonscope a few years back and shockingly, no voice mail system, no run around, but instead a person who immediately picks up the phone... Don! Turns out he is the head optician. The next thing I know is I am having this wonderful conversation with this man like we've known each other for years.

I had called because of a purchase of a 2 inch Vernonscope eyepiece and also had acquired a full set of brass Brandons (see pictures) that I needed to know something about. I told him how impressed I was with the clarity, sharpness and contrast of these eyepieces... how they are noticeably better than anything else I have including my Naglers So then he's telling me about glass and quality of glass, the pairing of elements together and manufacturing processes. A wealth of information! And just like Robert said, Don is not trying to get me off the phone. Of course I know the man is busy so I don’t take too much of his time, but what a pleasure it was to talk with him

By the way, those brass Brandons are "Anniversary Brass Brandons" and he was impressed that I had managed to acquire the full set, along with the 2.4 Dakin Barlow and the rosewood case, it was a limited run!

The point is how absolutely refreshing it is to experience real customer service these days and especially with an American company that produces such an outstanding product. Three cheers for Don and for Vernonscope!!!