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Astronomy Clubs - Fundraising, PR, and Recruiting

Posted by Ronald Abraham   11/02/2009 08:58AM

It would be nice if there was a place within a mouse click of Astronomy's most popular URL:

It serves every interest in this wonderful science hobby if the most successful methods propogate throughout the entire astronomy club scene.

Selling candy door to door is probably nowhere near the top of the list; and I have no experience doing this. What I will do is venture some ideas and hope that those of you with experience will respond to me, and that those who believe a forum about astronomy clubs would be beneficial might petition Astromart to take that under consideration.

Food and Drink: I firmly believe an astronomy club that keeps hot Pockets, candy bars, a coofee urn, and a bunch of soft drinks and bottles around can generate funds every time they have an event.

Advertising & PR: Neighborhood newspapers might be willing to devote ad space for community service and participation in public events. They gain community interest credibility and the club gets more exposure.

Retailer bulletin boards and POP advertising: DO we wonder what might happen if many small retailers allow posting of nicely done 24" X 18" poster board placards are put up announcing public observation dates?

Ok - the list goes on.

I know for a fact that there are clubs which languish because they do not know where to begin. I personally believe thay every club should set a goal for recruiting and a buget for operations and then "think tank" how to make big things happen.

I believe that a city of 150,000 metro population should cionsider recruiting one person out of every thousand to become a member. Maybe the best way to do that is for clubs that need help could emulate successful methods thriving clubs have used.

Our local club has used IYA2009 as a successful recruitment tool through public star parties, and will continue to do so after 2009. By the same token they have not yet instituted a broad based financial foundation. I believe the dilemma is widespread and that the answers to these qusteions exists with the Astromart community.

Please join together with me and let's find a way to help build traditional clubs into community leaders.