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Review and Article Submissions

Posted by Paul Walsh   06/04/2004 12:00AM

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AstroMart Articles submission notes:

You are invited to submit a review or article on just about any subject that would be of interest or use to the amateur astronomical community.

Make sure you are on the "Articles" section of AstroMart

Click the Submit Article link on the left

Choose a Category (Observing, Deep Sky Observing, How To,
Advanced Astronomy, For Beginners, Reviews, Telescope Reviews,
CCD Reviews, Other Reviews, Other Articles, Miscellaneous)

Insert your Title: (keep it snappy)

Insert a Teaser: (a short single paragraph to hook the reader)

Paste in the Body Copy: (your main article goes here)

Images: (there is a .jpg image upload and placement tool as well)


No tables or fancy formatting - leave a full space (a full line) between paragraphs but don't bother with indentation, the program will strip out any tabs or indents. Also, do not use the Space bar to format things - the spaces will be collapsed upon posting.

You may use html bold tags to highlight paragraph headings, if you wish.

Images are restricted to 325w x 450h max, standard compression .jpg only.

NOTE: Here's the correct sequence for installing your images: Use "browse" to find the image on your hard drive, add the caption, and THEN hit the Upload button. After all your images are loaded, place your cursor where you want to place a given image and select the justify-right or justify left and that does it. You will see image place holders appear in your article.

Reality Check: Not every article will be accepted and some published pieces may need some editing. We're very grateful for the content but it's also our desire to have a useful and long term archive that meets the needs of the many and the high standards of the amateur astronomy community. Your understanding and your contributions are appreciated.

-Paul S. Walsh
Editor, ATWB and AstroMart


We are currently judging submitted reviews and awarding the winners on Monday or Tuesday of each week.

The winner will be awarded $50 in Anacortes Telescope and Wild Bird store credit.

If the winning review is posted to the AstroMart site AND the Anacortes Telescope site PRIOR to the winner being named, the prize will be doubled to $100 - the $50 or the $100 will be in the form of a store credit at Anacortes Telescope and Wild Bird, see about posting articles there.

Join the superb efforts by your fellow amateur astronomers and add to our growing review library. It's your astromart. Build with quality and build it to last.