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ScopeRoller Quick Release Toe Saver

Posted by Neil Whyte   03/09/2006 12:00AM

ScopeRoller Quick Release Toe Saver
[ARTICLEIMGR="1"]Check out ScopeRoller's new quick release pin for counterweight shafts. It's simple, effective and it's ahead of its time - another ingenious invention by Clayton Cramer, the guru behind ScopeRoller! Cost $30.

Here's how it works. You unscrew the capture bolt/washer assembly that comes with your mount (mine is a GM-8) and you mothball it forever. In its place you simply screw in the Delrin sleeve assembly (Delrin, developed for NASA, has the same mechanical properties as aluminum with no corrosion characteristics). The counterweights glide past this assembly because it is identical in diameter (and strength) to the stainless steel shaft to which it is now attached. Next comes the nifty part - the magic pin!

The quick release pin is a needle-like affair which slides through an aperture at the end of the Delrin extention. To engage the pin (3 inches long) you simply press the
button at one end and this triggers the release mechanism at the other end. Holding the button down, you simply withdraw the needle. To re-insert you again press the button and slide the mechanism back into place. Voila!

The inserted pin will not (under any circumstances) slip or drop out. In fact, it would take 9,200 lbs. of force to disengage it improperly. The pin is also equipped with a lanyard ring so you can attach it safely to some other part of your mount. No more loose washers. Nifty!

Clayton Cramer's company ScopeRoller manufactures this wonderful product for a variety of mount types. I recommend you call him at 208-761-5916 or check out his website for further details.

Neil Whyte
Straffordville, Ontario