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Celestron 2'' universal camera adapter

Posted by Frank Dutton   01/29/2013 12:00AM

I bought this a couple of weeks back as I wanted to do afocal shots in addition prime focus using the T ring when using my Celestron SE6.

Caution: The maximum distance from the mounting screw to the front of the mounting plate is 60mm. This means if you are going to use a 4/3 rds type camera ( I have a Panasonic Lumix GF2) then you must have a short fixed focus lens otherwise the distance is too long. I am using an Olympus (yes they fit) 17mm. This makes the distance 35mm allowing plenty of room for adjustment when mounting the adapter.

I first played around with the fwd-bkw, left-right and vertical settings to make sure I had minimum vignetting by using the Moon. An easy target and I could use the live view display to get a decent focus. I actually found that if I used automatic settings it worked just as well and the exposure times were good as there is plenty of light.

I have also been shooting the Orion Nebula and the Jewel Box cluster in Crux with good results. The only problem is getting a good line up when you do not have the moon to set up a non vignetted view it becomes more fiddly.

Overall I am please with the adapter. I would give it an 8/10. It dropped points in my opinion because of poor instructions and the size of the screw clamp is over large and can cause problems if you are using a Barlow as well as an eyepiece.