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Zeiss cleaning cloths

Posted by peter barbati   12/02/2011 09:56AM

Bought some "Zeiss" lens cleaning cloths in pre-moistened packages. The box has all of the recomended uses as the other Zeiss product noted in one of your reviews (which I am not disputing).
Could it be that these Zeiss cloths (which are not actually cloth) are knockoffs using the Zeiss name?

I used one on th einside of my Meade LX6 corrector plate today, wanting to clean up some build up that showed up as a faint haze. To my sadness, these cloths actually rubbed the coatings off of the plate! I have cleaned optics before and my previous plate and have never seen this. I tried the outside surface and exactly the same problem. I quickly washed off the residue with a soft cotton cloth and some warm water annd the plate is clean..but with the "bluish" coatings missing from a portion of both sides.
Really, really pissed off at this.

Don't use the ones in the nmedium blue box on corrector plates or mirrors, diagonals, etc. use them only for body cleaning.

There is No manufacturer or website on the package, just the words "Nice-Pac Products NY".

Be carefull.