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ScopeRoller 8 Deluxe Castors for GM-8 Mounts

Posted by Neil Whyte   03/09/2006 12:00AM

ScopeRoller 8 Deluxe Castors for GM-8 Mounts
"Owners of Losmandy GM-8 equatorial mounts can keep their telescopes fully set up and ready to roll out of the garage or shed for a night's observing with ScopeRoller 8.
Designed specifically for GM-8 mounts, these castor units slide directly into the legs of the Losmandy LW tripod and require no permanent modifications." (Sky & Tel. 08/2005)

This new products showcase article piqued my interest, since I am a (happy) GM-8 owner who simply disliked the inconvenience of disassembly and transport of my mount components. I called ScopeRoller (208-761-5916)which is owned and operated by Clayton Cramer. My $80 investment was money wisely spent.

First the technical information. The leg assembly for each castor is machined from Delrin, a space age plastic.
The Delrin extension slides hermetically into the one inch square opening at the end of each tripod leg. The result is a perfect friction fit. The wheels are made of non-marking plastic and the installed product raises the tripod a full 6 inches. If you're like me (a refractor afficionado) your knees and neck will appreciate this a lot. The other component of each castor is the break assembly which is made of zync coated steel. The brakes are a snap to engage/disengage either with a flick of the toe or by hand.

Now the proof of the pudding - the motion and rigidity of the platform with a full load up above. I quizzed Clayton at some length before purchase about flexure/jiggle, etc.
He explained that he and other customers routinely viewed at 300X or more without even locking down the wheels and with no discernible image shift. Frankly, this has been my experience too. I mount a Takahashi TOA 130 and Tele Vue NP101 on my GM-8 (not at the same time, of course) and I'm delighted with the performance of the ScopeRoller 8 deluxe castors. I roll! I lock! I view! I smile!

These castors are the real deal. And, incidentally, Clayton advises that he manufactures them for a variety of other mounts (all of the Losmandy mounts, Celestron, etc.).
Check out his website at

Neil Whyte
Straffordville, Ontario