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WyoRock Custom Focuser

Posted by Floyd Blue   01/18/2007 05:03PM

WyoRock Custom Focuser
Hi everyone,
I promised a review of the new WyoRock focuser that I had custom made for my Meade 127ED refractor. Well, here it is and I hope you like reading it.
First I want to say how wonderful that Don and his wife Carolyn were to deal with on this. They actually called and Don and I spoke on the phone while I took measurements of the flange where the focuser mounts to the OTA. He had built others for the Meade refractors so it was pretty easy for him to get everything he needed.

The time from order to delivery was about two weeks and that was including the holidays. I would bet it would be faster on a normal month.
It arrived in two days by priority mail, well packaged and in perfect condition.
While inspecting the focuser the first thing you notice is how nicely machined the parts are and how well they fit. The finish is polished aluminum as the cost of anodizing was too high and problems with roughness after anodizing have made it less desirable. Mostly the cost factor kept it out of the picture for me.
The next thing you notice is how smooth the movement of the focuser is when racked in and out! This thing is as smooth as a Feathertouch, but only a single speed is available. I do not feel that this is a problem because it moves so well that focus is not difficult to attain.

I really liked the ability to rotate the focuser body using the large knurled nut shown in the photo. This is quick and easy to do and seems to hold quite well.
There is also the ability to adjust the load bearing of the focuser. Not the usual way with a setscrew or knurled knob, but Allen cap screws that change the ability to lift more weight by adjusting the shaft to barrel friction. This does not seem to affect the smoothness or ease of turning the focuser knobs when adjusted for heavier loads.
There is of course the normal friction setting knob on the bottom as well as a setscrew where more drag can be applied to the Crayford shaft.
The 1.25” adapter can be ordered recessed so it is level with the 2” barrels as in my focuser. Or you can get it with the adapter sitting on top of the 2” barrel for more out focus if needed. Both the 2” and 1.25” use brass compression rings that work very well and hold the diagonal securely.
The drawtube is machined with grooves on the inside for baffling that seems pretty effective. It is blackened with a flat black paint to suppress light reflecting in the barrel.
The focuser knobs are 1.25” in diameter, but I am sure you can get larger if you wished. They are knurled and grip your fingers or gloves with out slipping at all. Nicely machined and the knurling is excellent.

The next nice thing about this focuser is its price! Under $200 + $15 shipping including the 1.25” adapter was what it cost me. Now to me that is a great deal for a custom machined focuser of good quality.

If you are looking for a replacement focuser, but do not want to spend too much. Then this is a deal for you. I give my best recommendation for this focuser. Bang for the buck, 100%. Fair price, good quality and fast service makes for a fine transaction.
Floyd Blue