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Posted by Garfield C Schexnayder   02/13/2008 08:00AM

It took me a while to decide on purchase of a BAADER HYPERION eyepiece, but the decision was made and I purchased the 17 and 21 mm from Telescope' On arrival each came in a fitted, very nice looking white carboard box. Inside I found them so very well packaged, it took a little time to get to the eyepiece. Wraped in bubble material was the eyepiece in a very nice black faux leather bag tied at one end with a perfect bow. I even showed the bow to my better half. Inside the bag the eyepiece was again wraped in bubble material. Unwraping that was the piece. I was very pleased with the appearance and overall construction of the product. They look powder coated black, but may be another finish. Either way, very nice indeed. The eyepiece has a color coded ring at the top half, which sets it off nicely. On both ends where fitted caps and inside the box a third cap. The two eyeglass end caps are provide to cover the end either with the fold down rubber eye guard up, or with it down. I did notice a few specks of white material on the outside of the piece. Looked similar to very fine styrofoam, but since non was present in the packaging, I don't know. May be some sort of powder. Either way, it easily was blown off.


It took waiting three days for the weather to clear, but at last I was able to test my purchase against what was advertised. I first tried the 21mm piece. Normally I remove my glasses to view an object, but since they are advertised as great for old foggies like me who wear glasses, I left the rubber eye piece down and much to my great surprise I was greeted with excellent eye relief and with just slight movement of my eye could see the full 68 degree's avertised FOV. Technically, that may be more or less then the 68 degrees, but I leave the techno stuff to others and am satisfied with what the company says. The eyepiece provided me with great contrast and pin point stars--to me--even to the edge of the FOV. I was very pleased. I then removed my glasses, raised the eye cup and checked out viewing that way. The FOV was full and without the slight unavoidable stray light with glasses on, was just wonderful. I checked a number of my favorite objects and last was Saturn. I was set back on my heals, for the view was "out of this world" Saturn was in the eyepiece like I have never seen it before. WOW !

Next came the 17mm eyepiece. All I can add to the above about this eyepiece, is just that things looked as good if not better (closer).


I have many eyepieces from 1.25 to 2 inch. From normal to superwide. All are good in one respect or another. I will, I'm sure, still use some of my favorite ones as time goes on, but I have a feeling that after buying the BAADER HYPERION 17 and 21mm and since with my purchase of the 8 and 13mm, I may end up using these more often then not. The "Four in One" teaser at the top? With the purchase of the last two BAADER HYPERION's, I also purchased the 14 and 28mm fine tunning rings. With the removal of the 1.25mm shaft, I can place either the 14mm, or the 28mm ring on the 2 inch body then replace the 1.25 inch shaft, extending the power of the eyepiece, or combine the two rings for even more power. I haven't played with this enough to give any comments on how this works, but can say that, so far, what the company advertises works. I have used the eyepieces and rings on only my 14" LX200GPS so far and who knows, there may be greater views to come through my other scopes.