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Just Enjoying The Sky.

Posted by Howard Lazarus   04/10/2008 12:00AM

Last night was one of those rare Florida nights where we had a clear sky. Of course there was lots of light pollution but a simple and effective setup that only takes minutes to prepare made the evening that much more enjoyable.

For a tripod I use the G-11 but have it preset in height and had placed on it the ScopeRoller locking wheels. These large wheels just guide the entire tripod on to my push pull.. just rolls right out!

For the mount I use the Discmount DM 6 which along with the Astro Physics adapter plate just places on top of the G-11 tripod and is simply locked in place.

The mount is equipped with the Sky Commander DSC so one just simply does a two star alignment and selects the objects you are seeking and believe it or not it comes centered in the eyepiece.----NO Batteries...NO wires...NO hand controller...just you and a little push of the telescope and you are there...effortless with the DM 6 mount.

Oh yes...the telescope...I use the AP Star 130mmED f/8 which produces stunning views and is just a delight to use and bring objects into extremely sharp clarity and resolution!

When the night is finished...just remove the telescope and roll in the entire setup into the how easy is that.

Having had AP goto mounts as well as the LX 200 GPS series I can appreciate how good these systems are but as one gets older and time is very limited the Alt/Azi systems employed by Discmount (and there are other systems,in my view only, not as effective on the market)makes Amateur Astronomy alive again.

If you are going to a dark site the setup only differs in setting up your field tripod ..the rest is just as easy..nothing to it setup!

Your interest soars for the setup is without batteries, without wires and without lifting heavy equipment...just setup your viewing chair and enjoy

Last note..I am for the most part a visiual amateur and if you do more visual than any other type of viewing this setup is certainly worth you consideration and investigation.

I have no affilation with Discmount and or Scorerollers.
Clear skies to all.

Howard Lazarus