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Losmandy Backslash Adjustment

Posted by Scott Mefferd   05/05/2012 06:55AM

Losmandy Backslash Adjustment
Proper worm adjustment is critical and it is not that hard to do.
There are three allowable adjustments to the worm blocks of losmandy mount. The block next to the motor has only one adjustment and that is to rotate it.

The worm block on the other end can be adjusted for end play and backlash.

Using a feeler gauge make the gap ((motor side) the first block) as large as possible i.e. make the blocks upper and lower face tangent to the large round gear attached to the shaft. Now tighten this block down.

Make the The second block(the outside block) have the same gap as the first(as a starting point). Remove the end play by pressing inward on the block while holding it up tight against the flats of the mount(with the feeler gauge still inserted between the block and the flats on the Mount, to keep it flush and square) and tighten(but not too tight )this block also.

Then power of the Gemini and perform a cold start and perform three or four( go to bright star) alignments.If you get no motor leg messages I think you're good to go! If this is not acceptable you can increase or decrease the gap.

If you go to the pictures of the Yahoo losmandy users group, and on the first page(in pictures) and midway down the first page and under Backlash Adjustment, there are two postings (titled backlash adjustment )that you may find interesting to look at. The first posting is about backlash adjustment and the second about mount disassembly and cleaning.

Good luck

Scott Mefferd