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TeleVue X-Y Adjustable Accessory Mount

Posted by Wayne Gay   01/23/2005 08:00AM

TeleVue X-Y Adjustable Accessory Mount
Having received a TeleVue TV-60 for Christmas, I was on the hunt for a way to mount it piggyback on my 8" SCT. I also wanted the ability to adjust it separately from the main telescope. Some kind soul on Astromart pointed me to the X-Y adjustable mount. It looked like it might work for my uses. So I went to Anacortes and purchased one.

At first look, I wasn’t impressed. The adjusters were fairly crude. A small knob on each side of the adjuster for RA that are placed into grooves on the telescope dovetail. The Dec adjuster is a small knob on top, that requires loosening of a lockdown knob to adjust.
The lockdown knob is really hard to tighten sufficiently, since it has small notches that slip in my fingers. Once I figured out how to get fairly decent adjustments on the RA and Dec, which takes a bit of trial and error, it appeared it would work for me. You see I want the ability to mount a camera on the TV-60 for wide field CCD work.

Now it was time to mount it onto my 8” SCT. I removed the standard finder bracket and replaced it with the TeleVue finder bracket. Fit perfectly. Then I mounted the X-Y mount onto the finder bracket and tightened the holding knob. I then mounted the TV-60 to the mount. Everything looked good, until I attached the camera to the back of the TV-60. The mount shifted, down in the back. I appraised the situation and found that the finder bracket was the culprit. No matter how tight I tightened the holding knob, nothing helped. Heck, my standard finder didn’t do that. I re-attached it to double check, and pushed it all around and it stayed put. I could move my main telescope with out it budging at all.

All of the sudden, I have a worthless mount for my TV-60. Actually the only part that was worthless was the finder bracket assembly. So I looked around and decided I could mount the X-Y mount to a Losmandy dovetail mount using the universal mount. This did require some modification to the universal mount and the X-Y mount. On the universal mount I drilled and tapped 2ea ¼ inch holes, matched to the holes on the bottom of the X-Y mount, and I had to enlarge the 2 holes on the bottom of the X-Y mount to allow the stainless bolts to slip through for mounting.

This actually made things work better than the finder bracket ever could have, in that I had a rigid mount to my main telescope, I can adjust the mount separately from the main telescope, as well as giving me the ability to slide the TV-60 back and forth to help balance the whole system.

Over all, I would say the mount is a usable mount, however, I would suggest either using a dovetail similar to what I am doing or get a piggyback camera mount and attaching the TV-60 that way, rather than going with the finder bracket mount this was designed for.


Click here for more about this product. -Ed.