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Using the Vixen VMC-260L

Posted by Glen Ward 08/21/2012 09:22AM

A good scope which could easily have been the best - but isn't.


I have had a Vixen VMC-260 for a couple of years now. I did replace the set screws on the 2" ring to make them more accessible - first with two-inch long screws topped with wingnuts and then, because the wingnuts got in the way, with 1 1/2 inch knurled screws - now works fine. The scope did not come with the logo on the secondary described in Mr Ward's review. I also put Bob's Knobs on the three collimating screws and, although this is my first CAT, found the process to be really easy. Bob's Knobs MAY contact the metal cover for the tube - I delled the center of the cover out a little as a precaution. The scope detects 15th magnitude stars, which is the limit for a ten-inch - no problem with that. I have also not noticed any added color from the coatings. Several years ago, while using a 5 inch apo, I had cataract surgery (synthetic lens placed), with a period of 1-2 weeks between eyes. During this time, I did some solar viewing with a glass full-aperture filter. To my astonishment, I found the sun's image with the synthetic lens to be light yellow and that with the unoperated eye (with a very early cataract), distinctly orange! This is because cataracts give a yellow caste to your vision. (In this case, as mentioned, the cataract was early and had not even significantly affected my acuity - it was replaced, with that of the other, simply to provide balanced vision - an ophthalmologist can tell you about this). We all pretty much develop some degree of cataract in our eyes as we grow old. So...I wonder if noting a yellowish tint to things astronomical - where we pay special attention to the images - in those above, say, sixty, cannot in some cases be attributed to early/mild cataract development. One other item about this wonderful scope - no dewing problems! No front plate to dew!