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Veil Nebula NGC6992

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A New Refractor On The Horizon

Posted by John O'Neill 03/18/2016 12:00AM

A New Refractor On The Horizon

That Will Change Everything.


  • John999R [John Shutz]
  • 06/24/2018 09:09PM
John, didn't you sell this scope?
  • Allev8s [Allan Smith]
  • 08/20/2018 05:36PM
I think John bought the C.F. version after this was sold.

  • John999R [John Shutz]
  • 08/20/2018 06:44PM
OK, thanks

  • maz929 [John O'Neill]
  • 12/01/2018 09:11PM
Yes, I was so impressed with this scope I knew I needed to get the CF version for imaging (less susceptible to temperature changes). I love this scope, worth every penny anf then some.