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The Veil Nebula 8-5-2023

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Much better than the ES 127 app, would you say?

I just received my 140mm f/7 from APM. I have had the Explore Scientific 152mm with FCD-1 glass and I can say that the color correction on the APM is superior. The resolution on the 140 is better than the 127 FCD-1 (I have had that one too). Of the three, the APM was my favorite, though the ES152 was not terrible by any means. The 140 is lighter, more portable and the mechanics are good. I did have trouble bringing short focus eyepieces to focus with a 1.25" star diagonal and had to use an extension tube. Using a 2" diagonal solved that but as it is a prism diagonal, I think that it introduced a slight bit of color not seen with the 1.25" diagonal. The APM is a real keeper until I decide to acquire an ultra-premium 152 or larger (by means probably not legal<g>).

So you saw the fluorite difference :)
I'm not certain that the fluorite in the Tak FS-128 and FS-152 made the difference. It may also be the high optical standards of the Takahashi scopes.
In any event, the contrast produced by these FS series (and FC series) is superior to anything else I've ever tried. including the Astro-Physics triplets. Only a TEC 160 fluorite triplet seemed to be in the same ballpark.

  • APO2 [Daniel Mullen]
  • 10/19/2018 08:59AM
Great review Larry. I purchased my 140 two years ago, terrific scope. Bested my Mewlon 210 when observing Mars at similar magnification. I found that image quality is maximized using a high end Barlow (I use an AP Baradv) applied to long focal length eyepieces when needing more magnification. Enjoy!