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Planet Hunter 80. Does it perform? You bet.

Posted by Dave Kiefner   02/20/2007 12:00AM

Hi Gang,

I've been looking up to the heavens thru telescopes since I was a boy of 12 in 1960. I've probably had 60 scopes of all kinds through the years and loads of accessories as many of you on this site know. I'm the first to admit I'm not a technical observer as many of you are but I do have many years just being at the eyepiece. I'm a Moon and planets observer. Awhile back I was looking for another 80mm refractor for just that purpose. Didn't want to spend a fortune but still wanted some quality. My first thought was another Stellarvue 80 9/D. I've had a few and it's just a fine scope. One of our fine Astromarters suggested I check out the Burgess Planet Hunter 80. He had, as I have, a few other highly rated scopes in that category and said this scope was a winner.

I checked out the scope, got some questions answered from Bill and ordered one. The scope arrived double boxed and nicely packaged. My first impression was the high quality of the construction of the scope. It has a very nice smooth high quality 2 speed crayford focuser, a nice set of rings and dovetail plate already on the scope, ready to go. The finder is a high quality MRF finder which easily attaches to the OTA. Another nice touch is a metal dust cover with TMB on it. The main objective is a TMB design with a 900mm focal length. The scope weighs in at just over seven pounds.

The views at the eyepiece are just stunning for an 80mm scope. Views of the moon were sharp and crisp. The mountain ranges are just stunning. I had a chance to view my favorite, Saturn. The Cassini division was seen very easily as was shading on the ball of the planet. The false color was as little a factor as with any achro I've had and that's a lot. The Planet Hunter will take as much power as you can give it. The only limiting factor is its aperture.

To sum it up the Planet Hunter 80 will match or surpass any achro out there in this class for Moon and Planetary views and, at $399.00, its a steal. Check out the B.O. website for a nice slide show of the scope.


PS - No, I don't own any stock in Burgess Optical