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Started by administrator, 06/29/2003 10:44AM
Posted 06/29/2003 10:44AM Opening Post
I am going to start posting actual emails (many will be edited for profanity) received by me (without names or email addresses).

Should be fun.

Posted 06/29/2003 10:53AM #1
BTW - I am not going back to get the really good ones. We will just start here.
I am sure there will be plenty to entertain everyone.

Posted 06/29/2003 10:54PM #2
Herb, my fearless leader, have these E-mails caused you to pop TUMS throughout the course of many days & nights? I know when someone gets uptight because I did not sell to them and they take it personally (even after "Sale Pend" was posted..) I feel an ULCER coming on! You must have a cast iron stomach.. keep up the good work, thanks for jumping on the "GERNADE!" for us.. SGT. John