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Started by AstroMart, 06/01/2017 10:34AM
Posted 06/01/2017 10:34AM | Edited 06/01/2017 10:52AM Opening Post
"I responded to ad #949297 last week posted by Lisa Li. I received a response several days later from Lisa Lindstrom stating the original buyer never sent any money and did I still want it. The ad disappeared and I can't find a member by the name of Lisa Li or Lisa Lindstrom. I'm suspicious and wondering why the ad was taken down. PayPal was to be sent to "" Can you tell me why the ad was removed?


Yet people STILL do this - they buy from these guys and send the money to a different name than the account,

What are you going to do?

Posted 06/17/2017 08:25PM | Edited 06/17/2017 08:27PM #1
To Dick....if you are here? (hi Herb)......Lisa Li Lindstrom is a scammer. If you sent them (probably a "he" and this isn't the first account they've opened here, nor the first bogus ad) any money by paypal you might as well open a case right now if you can. Because you will not be receiving anything remotely similar to a Lunt LS60THa 50DS/B1200 Hydrogen Alpha solar telescope. 60mm Aperture <0.8 Angstroms single (50mm <0.55 Angstroms,double stack) 2'' 10:1 Crayford focuser, 12mm blocking filter, two foam lined aluminium cases, Tele Vue sol-searcher finder, instruction manuals, shipping box's, no scratches or mark's on telescope or optic's, hardly ever used, all in excellent working and cosmetic condition ..... for your $1000......if you even receive anything at all.

Old saying.... "A fool and his money soon part"
another old saying ... "If it looks too good to be true.....then it isn't."