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I tried a bogus email address and......

Started by administrator, 08/24/2003 04:25PM
Posted 08/24/2003 04:25PM Opening Post
it wasnt right for saying bul(edit) email address
to me ....i just want to purchase a telescope for my son you send me an email
that says i can log in to your website and when i try it it doesnt work.
what is your problem?
if you are prejudice about something say it.
if this is the type of website you run that doesnt enable others to learn and discuss and buy or sell stuff about astronomy then i am going to make try my hardest to put down your website to others about what you are doing, about how you are just picking and choosing who you feel is right to be in your little click.
Posted 08/24/2003 04:42PM #1
I never even thought about a bogus email address! Guess I am just lame huh? ;^)

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Posted 08/28/2003 06:23AM #2
The original e-mail sent to Herb should be titled "When Hillbillies Go Bad".