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I was called very RUDE today

Started by chasp, 05/02/2004 11:17AM
Posted 05/02/2004 11:17AM Opening Post
Hi all, after all the deals on Astromart i've made,i never had someone call me rude! A ad i placed on A-M today for 6&12mm Radians, some guy e mailed me and said, i am interested in the eyep's, i responded and said they are yours but please get let me know u want them. So i waited over 1.5 hours and he never got back with me. By that time another guy e mails me and SAYS I WANT THEM! So i sold the eyeps to him.

The first guy then e mails me back after 1.5 hours and says he wants them, i said they were sold! Anyway the guy says i am a very rude person for selling the eyep's to someone else, and will give me bad feedback.

I said go agead and give any feedback you want, i then told him i sell to the first person that says I WILL BUY IT!

Anyway for now on i wont ever say that the item is yours, unless you say I WILL BUY IT. So this is a mistake on my part.

Chas P.
Posted 05/02/2004 02:25PM #1
Interested and I'll take it are two completely different terms. If I email someone and say I'm interested and in the meantime he sells to someone who says they'll take it, I have no problem with that. Thems the breaks. I hate whiners. The great thing about Astromart is there is always another deal to be had. Patience and a good set of email filters can bring some fine bargains.

Posted 05/04/2004 04:51AM #2

This is my take:

As a buyer, if I say I am "interested" I know that I have not made a firm commitment. This means that if someone else gives the "I will buy this if it is still available" I am out of luck.

So what this means is that if I want something, I send the "I will buy this if it still available", making it clear that the seller can count on me to hold up my end of the bargin. "Interested" doesn't buy me anything because I have made no commitment.

So, I sit there at the computer looking at the ad and know that if I want it, I need to pull the trigger right then and there... And pulling the trigger is not "I am interested".....

If I have sent a definite "I will buy", then I make sure that I check my email on as often as possible because I know that the seller may have other offers and I want to be able to reassure him/her that I indeed want to take the item if I have a shot.


As a seller, I have wasted a fair amount of time coddling people who finally decide to back out for one reason or another. I never stop em because I want to have a satisfied buyer. But I did end up missing buyers who were ready to buy with cash....

So after a few of those experiences, I asked a friend who has been selling astro equipment many years about what to do. His answer, pretty simple: Sell it to the person who commits, no "ifs", "ands" or "buts."


Some thoughts:

1. We all know who you are so in this case your rating doesn't mean squat. You're a good guy who likes to buy and sell stuff and you don't play games with junk. When I see your name, I don't bother to look up your rating any more than I would look up Rod Mollise's rating.

But, and this is the kicker, if I happened to be browsing around and checked out your ratings and saw that someone had given you a bad rating....

Well, I would take note and avoid doing business with that person.....

2. In the future, make it clear that it is first with the cash that gets the item. "Interested" doesn't get it.

3. Hopefully the pissed off buyer will learn from this and realize that cash is the only thing that talks and that next time, if he/she wants something then commit immediately.

Best wishes and please send some of that great seeing my way....


Posted 05/04/2004 09:02AM #3
This happened to me a couple months ago, but I was the buyer. I actually received an e-mail from the seller based on my Wanted Ad. We exchanged some e-mails, I said I was interested and I was planned to close the deal after work from home. Once at home, I e-mailed the seller and a reply was sent that the item was sold. I was pretty upset, but I let it go and a couple weeks later I found and bought an item that is better than I planned to buy for just a little bit more money.

Clear skies,

Posted 05/04/2004 04:06PM #4

I would have to agree with the guy who wanted the eyepieces. You DID say that 'they are yours' - your words. Waiting a whole hour and a half after e-mailing someone back and expecting a confirmation response is totally unreasonable. I would have waited 24 hours. Most people have lives and don't hang off the end of their keyboards waiting for e-mail to pop up. Service providers go up and down. Other family memebers use the computer for homework, surfing and games. People sleep, work, eat and go out shopping, etc. In other words, if I get someone who expresses what appears to be sincere interest and then several people who say I'll pay right now, I'll e-mail the later respondents with 'If the first person who responded fails to confirm the transaction withing 24 hours, then you are next in line', etc, and I will follow up with them to let them know how things have progressed. What is the rush? You've probably had that item sitting around unused for months before deciding to sell.
My bottom line is that I would have handled it differently.
If i could turn back time things would different!
I have always tried to bend over backwards to make people happy with whatever i sell, i offer refunds and pay for return shipping, if the person is not happy with what he bought!

Guess even the best of us will mess up sometimes.

Chas P.