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regarding renewal of memberships

Started by fjk57702, 08/12/2012 02:11PM
Posted 08/12/2012 02:11PM Opening Post
What is still not clear to me is what happens if someone decides not to renew their membership when it comes due. Perhaps they don't want to buy or sell anything and so do not need to logon. So will their account disappear or will they be able to renew after a few months of inactivity. Obviously if their account is gone, then they could re-register. There are a number of people who have said they will go away so they may want to know what will happen to their accounts. Starting over means no track record for buying and selling. My record is very short because I seldom buy or sell anything.
Posted 08/12/2012 02:43PM #1
Log out

Look at what you can and cannot see

That is what it will look like to them
Posted 08/16/2012 01:50PM | Edited 08/16/2012 02:15PM #2
This is excellent. My letter came up right away, "B".
Since I am a current supporter, and have been in a big way, this might help.
I am a brown level supporter which is the one year support.
My support ends 04/30/2013 under the old system, that's next year.
My support effectively started 05/01/2012, that's this year before the new system.
I've been a continuous supporter so I have support for a full year before the new system. This would include support prior to my current support.

What I know (I think) is that I have 300 free ads that includes any ads placed since my current support started 05/01/2012. Is this correct?

I thought those who are current supporters at the time of dues also get extended membership times, up to 3 years membership for being a brown one year supporter at the time of being subject to the new system.
If 3 years of membership are tacked on for each brown support, then membership dues would soon outpace any need for concern (I'm AARP already). Only keeping current support would be important and the new system would quickly appear the same as the old when decades of membership are pre-aquired due to constant support.

Please use me as an example.

When will I be due to pay the new fee?
When will my support end?
When will my time be up to use my 300 ads?

Can you explain some steps in figuring this instead of just giving dates?
I think many will want to see this done.

I will continue my yearly support, and I will be a supporter before my dues are up. I simply don't have a very clear understanding of this and I'm sure a lot don't.
We could use some support here.