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Yes you can have a dealer account - Monday

Started by administrator, 09/27/2003 10:10AM
Posted 09/27/2003 10:10AM Opening Post

That's fine, Herb. We both know I am not a dealer (at least I assume you
are intelligent enough to know that). You said you would not take a dealer
fee from me the last time I tried to pay it.... so which is it, you will or
you won't?

The latest item I posted - sold in about 2 hours - I guess the people on
Astromart are intelligent enough and savvy enough to recognize the good
values I've offered on the equipment I've sold and my consistent 5 star
rating attests to my honesty and integrity in dealing with both buyers and

Anyway, as we both know this is NOT the first time YOU have made a mistake
and have wrongly accused and branded others with the "dealer" label in order
to extort payment from them for your "free service". It has been well
documented numerous times on the various user groups which has prompted
other really "free" services to start up and now are growing in popularity.

I also imagine that this kind of activity on your part has also been a
factor in discouraging many from actually buying from Anacortes - just based
upon your volatile decision making.

So, in closing, if my account is not re-instated by 10:00PM Saturday night,
I will feel free to post this in as many Astro related user groups as I can
in order to forewarn others of the arbitrary way in which you decide to
"brand" members and at any time may decide that they owe you a fee for using
your "Free" service.

It's a nice service - but it should be promoted honestly - i.e.... if you
decide anyone is too successful in selling gear, you may decide that you
want to extract a fee from them.



-----Original Message-----
From: Herb York []
Sent: Saturday, September 27, 2003 10:32 AM
Subject: Surprised to see your ad

I was surprised to see you posting on AstroMart again. Your post coincided
with our newest peer review group so I put your name and ad record in front
of them.
Here are the results:
Choices Votes % 17 replies
Is a dealer 17 100.00%
Is not a dealer 0 0.00%

Here is the link for dealers to SPONSOR

I have turned off you ad delivery and banned your account until you decide
if you wish to have a dealer account on AstroMart.
Thank you
Posted 09/28/2003 06:41AM #1
I think everyone should pay a flat rate per year fee, be it they place one ad, or a 100 ads!

I would be more than happy to pay $100 to $140 a year to use Astromart. Without Astromart i would be dead in the water! There is no other place to buy and sell scopes and stuff, that are a worth a darn.

Chas P.