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Started by Needtoys, 03/25/2006 10:14PM
Posted 03/25/2006 10:14PM Opening Post
I posted a want ad. A few weeks go by and I'm contacted by a seller. He just posted a For Sale ad of the item I requested and says," if you want it, it's yours". I ask if certain items are included. He says,"yes". I reply with," I'll take it ! How do you want me to pay? Thanks !!". I then get an email telling me it's sold !!
The entire episode happened inside of 10 hours.

Should I blast him or let it go?

Why does someone believe you when you say there are four billion stars, but check when you say the paint is wet?
Posted 03/26/2006 05:55AM | Edited 03/26/2006 06:10AM #1
I'd forget about it. In this fast-paced astromart trading
world there is a great deal of chaos. While you're sending
e-mail asking if "certain items are included" (a perfectly
sensible question), theres some other guy on the phone
bidding $100 over asking price, and a third guy on his way
over to pick it up in person with cash in hand.

I think the more serious problems are when the seller changes
his mind or sells to someone else after you've paid for it.
Seen it happen more than once. Sometimes a seller will
sell to the first payment received (very bad practice)
and suddenly he's sitting on 3 or 4 payments and alot of
ill will.