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Re: Vindication for running a tight ship

Started by Rick Keppler, 01/18/2011 07:45PM
Posted 01/18/2011 07:45PM Opening Post
Robert Apruzese said:

In view of the fact that a competitive site has temporarily (so they say) shut down their classifieds due to "a large number of scams" perhaps we should all be glad that Herb is such a pain in the neck about making sure everyone here is legit and also that he does his best to expunge the few crooks who slip through the cracks and try to rip us off. Thanks Herb.

Pain in the neck? Herb is a total PITA and I like it that way. My only complaint is that he could be just a tad more eloquent at times. I have a hell of a time trying to figure out just what he is talking about/referring to.