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Started by launch vehicle, 01/15/2013 08:51AM
Posted 01/15/2013 08:51AM Opening Post
Since yesterday, I have attempted twice now to respond to a posted Ad and my inquiry - after hitting the Send button - has completely disappeared from view (and its copy never showed up in my Inbox). So I'm assuming that the person who posted the Ad never received it also.

Folks - is it me - or you?

Would appreciate some coaching on what I'm doing wrong.


Bob Myler
St Louis
Posted 01/15/2013 06:37PM #1
Hi Bob,
Try responding to this old ad of mine:

Send something like "test" and I'll let you know if I receive it or not. I just sent myself a test response and it took a few minutes to get to my email, but I did receive it.

Clear skies,