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A Reassessment: The Burgess 20x80 and 25x100

Started by Kimballcorson, 05/08/2003 09:04AM
Posted 05/08/2003 09:04AM Opening Post
I had both of these binoculars out last night,
but took the Burgess 20x80 out first and spent
some significant time with it first under a
clear night sky before I brought out the
25x100. I brought the Burgess 25x100 out for
a renewed comparison. I used a T Mount Light
on the 20x80s and a Bogen 501 head for the
25x100, with Bogen 3046 tripods on both.
(I usually use the T Mount Light with the
25x100.) My relative assessments remain the
same. The 25x100 is noticeably sharper, does
have slightly better contrast, and clearly
affords a materially enhanced experience, by
offering a real porthole into space. However,
and the reason I write this, if I did not
have the 25x100 for a side by side comparison,
I could really like the 20x80 and think they
were more than satisfactory, just as if I had
the Fuji 50/150 out there too, I would
undoubtedly think my 25x100s were a bit
lacking. It is apples and oranges to a degree.

The 20x80 is really a terrific binoc for
what it is. Its focusing is very smooth.
It is light weight. It is sharp enough
and it has decent contrast. It is a great
bang per buck and is a very enjoyable
binocular in use. Also, it works terrifically
on the Universal Astronomics T Mount Light
mount, if the base screws are tightened down,
but then so does the 25x100s work great on
that mount, too. It is an excellent mount
and easily strong enough, and it is good
for either binocular. I like its compactness
and ease of carry assembled. I think it is
probably the most compact parallogram and
the best mount for both of these binoculars,
but that is why I bought it. The Burgess
20x80 and the T Mount Light and the Burgess
25x100 and the T Mount Light are both great
combinations and I highly recommend them,
but I am just strongly biased toward the
enhanced experience afforded by the 25x100s.
However, I do not wish to slight the 20x80s
because they too are very enjoyable,
especially if you do not have the Burgess
25x100s to compare them to.

Kimball Corson